A Rite of Hearts Undone

As they journey into the land of the Jini, Ihva and Jasper find themselves at odds with one another, and though unity might be their strength, relying on each other seems out of the question. As Ihva grapples with her divinely-appointed role and Jasper struggles to resolve the fearful nature of his existence, their regard for each other grows ever more powerful and compelling. Meanwhile, they stumble on chilling news concerning Lady Cibelle, devastating Jasper’s plans. Hope is not lost, though—with things at home deteriorating and Gant on the brink of war, Ihva presents a solution. Now Jasper must decide how far he’s willing to go and who he’s willing to involve to see his purpose through.

With the world upending and their feelings dividing them, can Ihva and Jasper find a way to reconcile their differences to overcome the Shadow’s conquest?



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