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A Writer’s Gratitude: Four Reasons I Thank You

I think we sometimes underestimate the impact we have on other people. I know I do. Sometimes it’s a sharp word spoken to my son at which his face turns down. Sometimes it’s a smile on a friend’s face at an offhand comment I make. Sometimes it’s a sentence I wrote that I didn’t think about that is nonetheless profound to someone reading it. Yet every so often there will come a moment that reminds me of the power of human interaction, and yesterday I experienced many such moments. The… Read more A Writer’s Gratitude: Four Reasons I Thank You

Cover Reveal

This is it, guys! My cover reveal! Just two more weeks until Light of Distant Suns releases. You can pre-order at the links below. INtense Publications website Amazon Barnes & Noble Books-a-Million And now the reveal!!

Eight Reasons Why I Write Fiction

When I started writing, it was a hobby, something I did for my amusement. I was telling a story for the sake of entertaining myself and perhaps an audience if I ever got around to publishing. The whole thing was a pastime, though I was passionate about my ideas. I never imagined even the faint possibility of what writing now means to me, and I far underestimated the value of penning fiction. To encourage budding writers and published authors alike and as a reminder to myself, I want to outline… Read more Eight Reasons Why I Write Fiction

Understanding the Acknowledgements Section

Secrets of the Acknowledgements Section Writing acknowledgements is hard, at least for me. There are many people who have encouraged or influenced me in the process of writing, so who do I include? Yet writing acknowledgements is easy for me as well. There are certain individuals who have contributed a great deal to my work, and it is more a question of how to condense my gratitude into a sentence or two for each one. There is definitely enough material there, and being a writer, I suppose I can find… Read more Understanding the Acknowledgements Section

My First Law of Writing

“Don’t be preachy.” Okay, maybe that isn’t my first law of writing, but it’s certainly up there, especially when I’m writing fiction. No one likes being told what to do and how to think. There are times, of course, that we attend lectures or sermons where someone instructs us on history, math, politics, chemistry, theology, and so on, but something about these settings creates a more open feel, a freer environment, in which we can take the information or leave it. The lecturer provides facts and counsel on how to… Read more My First Law of Writing

To Write is to Love

To write is to love. It is to love your characters, your story, your ideas, and your themes. More than that, it is to love your readers, your truth-telling, your God, and yourself. To write is to have a deep affection for something, whether that something be life or a message or a goal. I find it hard to imagine writing without being enamored with something or someone. I am sure such an exercise is possible, but I wonder whether a work would be worth reading if the author did… Read more To Write is to Love